Wednesday, 27 January 2010

MR. TBL please be interesting !

the classroom was very nice.. very conditional i think.. i was very very very tired before that.. mane tak nye after eating i hav been fast walking in order not to be late for the class.. i was in hyperventilation condition when i get till forth floor.. WOOOAAHHHHHH how many remaining step that i need to get into the class.. i took a deep breath then continued my AMBITIOUS step.. BHAHAHAHA.. from the back of the class i saw my professor.. OWWHHHH man he was alopecia (BOTAK).. HAHAHA.. i bet he must be very BORING.. 10 min has been passed and i feel that my super duper first impression about the prof was CORRECT.. lastly i was SLEEPING ALL THE TIME.. HAHA.. peace yawwwww~~ =)

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

c r a z y ! ! !

can u be as easier as i thought...
again EMBRYOLOGY!!! plisss make me interested on you..
someone help me!! dis EMBRYOLOGY is killing me...
nothing else i can do in tat class

Monday, 25 January 2010

NEW life begin~~

>Turner -the date of 26.9.2009 is always never ever be forget by ME.. yet it is the date when i hav to give up all ma life in MALAYSIA for a long period of time..piiiuuuhhhhhhhh i miss everything there in MALAYSIA..wat a waste rite??THEN the next two days i was arrived at cairo airport.. ma first ever impression bout EGYPT hav totally change.. i stand stiffly lyke a statue and WTF??WTF?? WTF??is dis egypt? OUHHHH MY GODDDDDDD where am i?? i still doesnt believe tat it was EGYPT...fucking dirty country maannnnnnn.. pliisssss i want to go back to MALAYSIA..hahaha

after 2 days was in a flight i arrive in was tiring man..just sitting and nothing else i can do in the flight.. it was HORROR..making ma mind crazy like was 4a.m and the environment around was very crowded..all around me is just arabic people..i hate it because their face was scaring me like never see people like me before..i need sumone to speak english plissss..even their kastam and all cannot speaking..WHAT THE FUCK!!i cannot speak arabic at all..hahahha

Dimm> Seems to me that Mr Turner had elaborated with great detail the atmosphere in the Cairo Airport. My 1st impression was "is this a bus station??" it was under staffed, dirty, stuffy, crowded and lacks security. We've been through 9 baggage screening en route to Egypt. However, at the airport, not even 1 baggage screening was done (i guess nobody even wants to bomb this country either). We had to wait for a loooooong time for the bus to arrive (thanks a lot to our agent; QAS Management)...HELL YA MR. ZAINI!!!!!

WHERE IS THE BUS???!!!!!!!yelling deeply inside my almost 12 but i cant see the arrival of the bus..i guess even if my beard grow and turn white the bus never be at the was freaking hot waiting for the ZAINI'S first ever breakfast in EGYPT was the great combination of MOLTO and ENJOY JUICE..mmg enjoy la..haha..OOOUUUUUHHHHH i feel the satisfaction when the food was running along my intestinal canal..BHAHAHAHA..yet i miss MALAYSIAN FOOD!!!!arrggghhhhhh